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Achieved increased engagement and top ranking in the Google search engine

Firesafe is a nationwide total supplier of all types of fire protection, focusing on both the B2B and B2C market. After attending a breakfast seminar at Impakt, we entered into a collaboration where our mission was to make Firesafe as visible as possible in Google's search engine.




Online Conversions

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Google ads, Consulting and Search Engine Optimization


Achieved increased engagement and top ranking in the Google search engine


Following an analysis of Firesafe's digital visibility, we found that the best way to generate good results for them was through Google Advertising search advertising and organic work through Search Engine Optimization.

Together with Firesafe, we did a comprehensive keyword analysis to find out which keywords are most searched for and which ones were most important for them to be visible on. It was discovered that the word "fire protection" is very important to Firesafe, but that they were not visible with that word in Google's search engine. After strategically targeted work on a variety of keywords, Firesafe gradually improved its rankings month by month, and after a few months ended up having a number of top positions in Google's search engine, including the word "fire protection." Firesafe quickly noticed that Search Engine Optimization and Google Ads work resulted in a number of inbound leads to the homepage, which in turn led to many new assignments.

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