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National Defense Gala Concert

Sold out the main stage of the opera in six weeks

The Armed Forces Gala Concert brought together the Armed Forces 'five professional bands on the main stage of the Opera to mark the 200th anniversary of the Armed Forces' music. We assisted the Defense with advertising for ticket sales which resulted in sold out tickets in six weeks!


National Defense Gala Concert


Offline Conversions

Our Service:

Google ads, Consulting


Sold out the main stage of the opera in six weeks


After a review of the Armed Forces' objectives and needs, the choice of advertising fell through Google Ads and Bing to assist the Armed Forces with ticket sales to the Gala Concert.

We focused on banner advertising through Google Display to fuel the concert. In addition, we advertised through Google SEARCH and Bing to be present where potential ticket buyers searched for Defense Music or Through advertising in these channels, we reached the desired target audience and generated traffic to the ticket purchase website.

The campaign contributed to very good results in the form of ticket sales, and the final results ended up selling out the main stage in just six weeks!

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