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Achieved 500% increase in ticket download and 18% increase in visitors using digital marketing

Each year, the Boligmessen organizes the largest and most inspiring housing fair in Scandinavia, where the target group is everyone who owns a home or plans to renovate it. We were commissioned to attract people to the Boligmessen in Oslo, Bergen and Steinkjer through digital marketing.




Online Conversions

Our Service:

Google ads, Consulting and Search Engine Optimization


The goal was to get as many people as possible to download a free ticket to be used at the fair. We also wanted to see if we could attract more visitors to the fairs at a lower cost.


We chose to combine Google Display Advertising and Search Advertising through Google Ads.

In order to be absolutely sure what the target group responded to best, different tests were initially run on different designs and messages. Among other things, we learned that one design worked very well in one city, while another design worked best in another, which was useful information for the Housing Fair to take along. We had a close dialogue with the customer weekly so both parties had good insight into the development. We tracked the number of tickets downloaded, so we always knew how close we were to the goal of the particular campaign. To ensure quality reporting, we checked these figures with the customer's own backend tracking on the website. The combination of running search advertising and Google Display advertising proved to be very successful, resulting in a 500% increase in downloaded tickets and an 18% increase in total visitors in Oslo, Bergen and Steinkjer!

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