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What are the Benefits of Performance Marketing?

There are many benefits to adding Performance Marketing to your growth and online marketing mix. Besides the obvious benefit of building your brand through third partner partners with their own audiences, budgets and reach increasing your market share, targeted traffic, and audience engagement, you can also reduce your risk, increase your market reach, and decrease budgets while growing your brand and revenue streams. Further, Performance Marketing is entirely trackable, measurable and transparent. In fact, brands can now see the entire click-to-consume path of each buyer, and identify where to invest more and in which partners, which channels and produce better results.

Since Performance Marketing is paid after a desired action takes place, the risks are lower, the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) often lower and the ROI higher. This leaves more room in the budget for other marketing strategies to expand and be tested in order for you to grow and compete.

content originally ran in BigCommerce by Sarah Bundy

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