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What are Some Performance Marketing Trends to Watch?

What are Some Performance Marketing Trends to Watch?

Every form of marketing is always evolving, and the same goes for Performance Marketing.

With this type of marketing responsible for more than 16% of ecommerce sales in 2017, it’s easy to see that the growth of this strategy is accelerating at high speeds.

This percentage puts Performance Marketing on par with email marketing and ahead of display advertising as a driving force for ecommerce conversions.

With this growth, more people are making Performance Marketing a career, more advertisers are investing in it, and more publishers are entering the space.

This uptick in influencers, performance-based technology companies, and content sites means more opportunities to promote your brand in the performance marketing space.

Further, with more options for improved tracking and attribution thanks to the enhancements of third-party tracking platforms, these enhancements enable first click models where publishers can rest assured they won’t get dinged if someone leaves their referral and comes back to buy from a different source.

Other new developments to keep an eye on for tracking and attribution are multi-touch, position based, time decay, and linear options.

Another exciting trend in Performance Marketing to watch is the continued development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning driving sales, all on a performance basis.

Four areas to pay attention to are automation, segmentation, personalization and optimization – thanks to AI and machine Learning, these buzzwords are making big strides.

In Performance Marketing, marketers have hundreds or thousands of data points, if not millions and billions of data points, to track and measure.

AI takes the complexity out of these data points and helps scale efficient optimization seamlessly using machine learning.

Adapting to this growing trend also allows marketers to free up their time, giving them more opportunity to be creative in their marketing efforts, and gaining more from each dollar spent.

content originally ran in BigCommerce by Sarah Bundy

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