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The Executive Summary Performance Marketing

In general, Performance Marketing is a growing marketing strategy for ecommerce brand, merchants and retailers alike.

The trends show continued investment into the channel, from new players entering the space to new technologies being invested in order to optimize results better, faster, cheaper.

Performance Marketing holds a high value to the relationships between multiple moving pieces from the affiliate managers who drive relationships and strategy to the third party tracking platforms that track and credit campaign results.

Performance Marketing helps scale reach, engagement, and conversion of new buyers in new markets at a lower cost, lower risk and much higher ROI than any other marketing channel at scale.

Performance Marketing is a way to build your brand, increase your product awareness and engage with customers without the limitations of budgets or conflicting marketing channels.

It’s a piece that gets layered on top and can drive an average of 16% contribution to your top and bottom line.

Working with publishers and affiliate management companies and affiliate networks as an extension of your brand allows for an added reach that you might never have working within more traditional marketing approaches.

If you already have an affiliate program, it is good practice to evaluate your strategies and your program to see if you can benefit from an outsourced management team being added to the mix, or managing the program completely.

Be sure to test, track, measure and optimize.

For those in the beginning stages of your business or your program, you can build your sales with coupon and loyalty sites first and then branch out with influencer, content and AI performance-based marketing.

No matter where you and your brand stand in the Performance Marketing space, there’s always room to improve and grow.

Find out which approaches will work for you and what needs need to be met for not only the brand but your affiliates and partners.

Once you have your goals defined, jump in and start building those relationships!

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