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Autoteam has

achieved an increase in the number of customer inquiries and new assignments

Autoteam has been driving school for more than 20 years and has had a steady stream of satisfied customers. Their challenge was to become more visible online, to attract customers who did not know them before. We assisted with digital marketing, which resulted in an increased number of customer inquiries and many new assignments. They even had to hire a new driving instructor to handle all the inquiries they received. WOW!




Online Conversions

Our Service:

Google ads, Consulting and Search Engine Optimization


Autoteam has achieved an increase in the number of customer inquiries and new assignments


To create visibility, we started with Google Display Advertising. Display advertising provided some response, but we wanted to increase traffic even more and started Google Search to achieve this.

The reports showed that SEARCH worked very well, which is why we put all the pressure on search advertising, which quickly produced even better results. Autoteam filled up more basic traffic courses than before and received many new assignments. The main reasons why Autoteam has succeeded so well with Google Ads advertising is close dialogue with advisor and ongoing reporting along the way. This has given us both good insight into the customer's needs, but also important knowledge about the target group and the market. This helped us to take into account external factors and plan for natural fluctuations. One example is the seasonal fluctuation in December, where driving schools have little activity due to exams and exams. We therefore limited the advertising during the Christmas month and instead put in the powder when demand increased in the New Year!

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