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Everyone is a shopper. At all hours, day and night.


IMPAKT Commerce Agency has grown from a startup founded in Norway in 2009 and has evolved significantly over time to a digital communications agency guided by the human factor, with two offices in two countries and more than 50 employees. 

Throughout these 11 years we have continued to redefine the state of the art by using data, technology and media in innovative ways with the unique mission of achieving the best results for our customers.


IMPAKT Commerce Agency is part of the City Media Group Global Inc.



We believe in exploring new perspectives. Looking at things differently. Turning structures upside down, back to front and sideways. Excited by what we might find.

Performance Marketing is becoming the centerpiece of all media and content for brands. IMPAKT buys media, creates content and optimizes brand experiences to business outcomes, across the entire consumer decision journey.


Converting Intent into Revenue


Consumers are constantly signaling their intentions and mindsets through a variety of digital channels. IMPAKT’ Intent-Based Marketing capability uses these digital signals as a behavioral insights machine: creating personalized, dynamic media and content experiences, aligned with consumer mindset, within moments. Through an intelligent optimization loop, we then execute in-market, real-time experience management.

Today, IMPAKT commerce agency has moved from a specialty service to the strategic center for brands. We’re connecting marketing investment to consumer intent, redefining performance by using data, consumer intent signals, technology, media and content in novel ways. And we’re structured globally to serve multi-market clients at scale..

We approach everything with an inventive spirit and rigorous mindset. Individually we’re great, but as a team we’re unstoppable. Together, we seek out opportunities, frame problems and solve complex challenges. Our collective brilliance exposes breakthroughs. Our capability unleashes creativity. We pursue a new perspective and deliver a new kind of ROI.



Our industry leadership has cultivated deep partnerships with leading search engines, social networks, media management platforms and technological tools. These partnerships provide our customers unparalleled access to opportunity and innovation, including beta versions and unique expertise.

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